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Phase I - III Clinical Trials

ClinicalRM is a full service CRO and has comprehensively planned and managed Phase l-lll clinical trials for over 15 years.  We have projects nationwide in the US, and in Africa, Central/South America, and Asia Pacific.  Our company is founded and lead by clinical research professionals who are passionate about their work. ClinicalRM is a combination of outstanding professionals, detailed processes, and rigorous quality and oversight practices.

Expert Program Management
ClinicalRM's Program and Project Managers are both subject matter experts as well as skilled Project Managers. They understand the details of clinical trials as well as the techniques to manage timing, cost, and deliverable quality.  With the ability to assess plans and anticipate both scientific, logistical, and compliance issues, ClinicalRM has an outstanding track record for delivering on time, cost, and with accurate and quality deliverables. Our Project Managers' backgrounds include: 
  • Clinical trials and regulatory experience. 
  • Science backgrounds that allow managers to proactively address trial details and potential issues.
  • They are well versed in Human Subjects Protection (HSP) and can plan to meet all the associated requirements as well as assures the safety of enrolled patients.
  • A can-do, team player approach to clinical trials, meaning they pitch in where needed and are an integral part of their project teams. 

Clinical Trial Efficiency
ClinicalRM’s Program and Project Managers are well versed at the logistics aspect of trials. Our Program Managers are supported by a detailed library of process and procedures that they use to manage every aspect of a trial. ClinicalRM has partnerships with leading academic institutions and international clinical trials partners that allow our Project Managers to structure each trial to the best advantage.

Accurate Data
ClinicalRM has a full Data Management team to assure that your primary asset - your data - is accurate and auditable.  ClinicalRM uses Oracle Clinical™ for its Clinical Data Management (CDMS) system and can provide trials with remote data capture (RDC) or paper input to optimize any situation. The team will work closely with the staff creating the protocol and develop the CRFs, as well as build and certify the database.  Our reputation for both efficiency and accuracy is unsurpassed and makes our data management a real strength of the overall ClinicalRM clinical trial offering.

Oversight and Quality
ClinicalRM has a long history of monitoring. It is viewed as the linchpin of the trial. ClinicalRM has a pool of veteran monitors that cover domestic and international locations, as well as a proven library of SOPs and work instructions. ClinicalRM has built a Virtual Office specifically to support the geographic diversity inherent in monitoring. The Virtual Office enables monitors to stay connected and is supported by a web-based backbone that provides access to SOPs, work instructions, forms, and project details. ClinicalRM also has in-country personnel in popular trial locations such as Africa, Central/South America, and Asia Pacific.
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