Global Infrastructure Development (GID) Group

ClinicalRM’s Global Infrastructure Development (GID) group works both independently, as well as collaboratively, with other ClinicalRM departments and our international partners to oversee the development of infrastructure solutions and collaborate on clinical studies.  We are ClinicalRM’s boots on the ground — first responders.  Our solutions keenly focus on overall logistics and operational feasibility to bring our customer’s clinical trials to developing countries, and include…

• Laboratory Assessments, Standup and Training

• IT and Communications

• Supply Chain Management

• Site Assessments, Training and Recruitment

• Feasibility Studies and Baseline Analysis (Public Health, Laboratory Networks, and   Healthcare Systems)

• Project Evaluation, Monitoring, and Auditing

• Ethnographic Insight and Cultural Socialization

The GID strives to provide valuable structure and resource availability for a wide-range of projects and focuses heavily on identifying international partners that share our mission and enhance the strategic value of our infrastructure solutions, resulting in more effortless transitions to study start up, conduct and close-out.


Our mission is to improve the overall infrastructure and ‘leave something behind’ in the places where our services are rendered, and to provide effortless transitions to study start up, conduct, and close-out.  For instance, in West Africa, we mobilized plasmapheresis blood mobiles and provided standup and training for clinical and diagnostic laboratories. In support of our mission, these solutions will remain in West Africa as property of each country’s Ministry of Health to support the long-term public health needs of the community.


• Mobilization of plasmapheresis blood mobiles in West Africa

• Identifying and training of clinicians and technicians in Liberia, Nigeria and Sierra Leone

• Managing Ebola study sample shipments from West Africa to USAMRIID

• Renovations of the ELWA Hospital Clinical Lab

• Renovations of the Sierra Leone National Blood Bank

• Site assessments and feasibility studies at Aspen Medical and Phebe Hospital for clinical trials

• Standup and training for an ELISA lab in Liberia


The GID Team at ClinicalRM, is a unique, autonomous team with expertise in public health, epidemiology, scientific research, grant management and data analysis. GID subject-matter experts have diverse backgrounds in the public health sector, adding to the strength of the group, the breadth of services, and the ease in which they collaborate in multiple, international marketplaces. They are both educators and developers alike, forming the backbone support of our global capacity building projects.


Claudia Christian, MS — Vice President, Global Operations

Ms. Christian, Vice President of Global Operations, oversees both the GID team and Medical Expert Office (MEO), with nearly 20 years of multi-therapeutic expertise in Phase I-IV clinical trials in the commercial marketplace. Ms. Christian has previously served as Director of Strategic Partnerships at ClinicalRM, with strong experience in drug development, program management, as well as design and delivery of strategic relationships. Today, Ms. Christian oversees all global clinical efforts and cross-functional partnerships for all ongoing projects. She develops and drives all global strategies and efficiencies, ensuring optimal operational execution of global projects. Ms. Christian holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from Trinity College-Hartford.

Dr. Kimmie Weeks — Director of African Logistics, GID/ClinicalRM-Africa

Dr. Weeks is a world-renowned Liberian humanitarian, with nearly 20 years of experience leading complex humanitarian interventions in West and East Africa. In particular, Dr. Weeks brings a wealth of knowledge on executing projects in the most difficult circumstances and environments.  He has collaborated with other prominent humanitarians, met with political leaders, and developed organizations that have served as implementing partners to the United Nations. As a native of Liberia, Dr. Weeks received his country’s highest honor in 2007, when President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf named him Knight Grand Commander in Liberia’s Humane Order of Africa Redemption. As a recent alumni of the World Economic Forum’s Global Agenda Council, and its Young Global Leaders Program, Dr. Weeks’ sphere of influence goes far beyond Liberia and focuses globally on humanitarian infrastructure, education, and healthcare needs in impoverished countries. He is the recipient of the 2007 Golden Brick Award, the MLK Peace Medal, the Wangari Mathai Award for Global Citizenship, an Archbishop Tutu Leadership Fellowship, among other awards. Dr. Weeks plays a fundamental role in development assistance and coordination for GID’s ongoing global response efforts.

Colleen Hanou, MPH — Senior Manager, GID

Ms. Colleen Hanou joined the GID team with over 10 years of experience in epidemiology and global health, particularly in health systems capacity building. Ms. Hanou has participated in gap assessments of multiple nations’ public health surveillance systems and provided guidance toward updating the systems and national response plans to meet International Health Regulations (IHR 2005). She designed and was responsible for overseeing epidemiology training to over 200 public health workers in the Former Soviet Union. Ms. Hanou used her field epidemiology expertise in the development and deployment of the Electronic Integrated Disease Surveillance System (EIDSS). She conducted baseline and multi-year follow-up analyses of the use of EIDSS as the new national notifiable disease reporting system in Azerbaijan and Georgia, and provided on-the-job mentorship to selected national-level epidemiologists. She contributed to research studies of human brucellosis in Azerbaijan, in particular conducting trend analyses and establishing expected and threshold values for the disease. Ms. Hanou holds a Master in Public Health in Epidemiology from the Rollins School of Public Health at Emory University.

Rita Vanags, BS — Manager, GID

Ms. Rita Vanags combines pharmaceutical, global operations and human resources experience to bring expertise to the GID team.  Her career began in research and the pharmaceutical arena, where Ms. Vanags was awarded a patent for HIV/AIDS gene expression used in a monoclonal test market product.  As an experienced global operations and human resources manager, Rita is an innovative decision maker who effectively implements sustainable solutions in HQ, regional and country offices. Ms. Vanags has lived in fragile state environments such as civil unrest, natural disasters and epidemics.  She is adaptable to both physical conditions and local cultural environments.  As an expatriate human resources and administrative manager in Kenya, Sierra Leone, North Sudan, South Sudan and Haiti, she has provided support from HQ to 20+ countries, including guidance for country labor laws, compliance, policy and equitable compensation structures.  Ms. Vanags enjoyed start-up for an economic development project in Iraq where she managed all aspects of human resources, including recruitment, staff development and provided in country training.  Most recently, Ms. Vanags managed the rapid operations start-up of the STRIVE Ebola vaccine clinical trial in Sierra Leone, where she recruited and hired over 50 national staff, managed the data entry and administrative team, held operational financial and compliance responsibility for the STRIVE project.  Ms. Vanags holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Millikin University in IL.

Mark Sprenz, BSN — Manager, GID

Mr. Mark Sprenz has over 20 years of experience in operations, project management, and leadership. He served for 21 years in the United States Marine Corps completing two tours in Iraq and one in Afghanistan. After retiring from the Marine Corps, Mr. Sprenz served as In-country Manager in Sierra Leone. During this time, he successfully submitted three protocols to the Pharmacy Board of Sierra Leone (PBSL) and the Sierra Leone Ethics and Scientific Review committee (EC). Working closely in collaboration with the University of Liverpool, he assisted in the preparation, operationalization and launch of an Ebola Convalescent Plasma (ECP) trial in Sierra Leone. As on-site manager, Mr. Sprenz collaborated with in-country partners to negotiate contractual agreements with the Ministry of Health (MOH), refurbish the National Blood Bank of Sierra Leone, and provide training and oversight to the clinical site. Moreover, Mr. Sprenz made key connections with regulatory and MOH members, local physicians, and lecturing professors. These connections have provided him with important insight into both the culture and research environment of Sierra Leone. He is an expert in protocol operationalizing, capacity building in developing countries and conflict zones, as well as cultural socialization. Mr. Sprenz holds a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree from Duke University School of Nursing, with a concentration in research, as well as a Bachelor of Arts in Health Care Studies from Ashford University.



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