Global Capabilities

From international partnerships and affiliates, to government relations and local alliances, ClinicalRM creates a very unique, one-of-a-kind synergy in the global market.  Our ability to join forces with the world’s leading scientific and clinical experts allow us to be at the forefront of innovation to combat global disease. 

Our multi-therapeutic expertise and full-service CRO capabilities allow us to develop clinical trials in various marketplaces, including:

● Commercial

● Government

● Academic

Our global reach is our commitment to global health in various regions, including:

● United States of America

● Africa

● Asia-Pacific and European regions

As we support clinical research on an international scale with an array of sponsor services, we understand that we must equally support local cultures and customs to be successful and meet the needs of all individuals.  We pride ourselves in overcoming the procedural hurdles common to developing clinical trials in emerging markets by utilizing strategic processes and subject matter experts to lead international clinical trials and ensure operational efficiency.

Leading our global projects is an extensive team of clinical research and medical experts that are equipped with the ability to…

● Gain region access

● Engage clinical sites

● Deliver rapid protocol development and execution of clinical trials

It is the unparalleled knowledge of our social science and global regulatory experts, on local cultures and regulatory landscapes, that enable us to navigate through customs and procedures that accompany clinical trials in varied regions, overcome logistical hurdles, and obtain fast regulatory approval.

Development & Execution of Global Projects

● Jump-start protocol development and mobility, while leveraging international relationships with subject matter experts, engaging clinical sites, and customizing site-specific requirements.

● Prompt project review for multinational, multi-therapeutic and multi-site clinical trial development with our established network, global consortium, and partnerships.

 Curbing Regulatory, Procedural, and Logistical Hurdles

● Trained Social Scientists and GCP-trained experts to navigate the regulatory landscape in developing regions, and ensure swift regulatory approval and subject recruitment.

● Curbed logistical hurdles that commonly accompany international shipments, laboratory set-up, sample management, and country-specific licensing regulations.

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