Meet Our Leadership Team

ClinicalRM’s leadership team is a multi-disciplinary group with clinical research, technology, financial, and contracting expertise, comprised of dedicated professionals who work to improve the quality of life in communities throughout the world every day.

Victoria Tifft – CEO
Chris Mason, JD – VP, Contracting/Legal
Jeff Burdine – VP, Information Technology
Ryan Lewis – Sr. Director, Finance
Sue Chase – CCO, Compliance/Quality Management
Jackie Bovinet – Sr. Director, Human Resources
Tonya Torgeson – Director, Government Operations
Wendy Boone – Director, Clinical Operations

What We Value: Our Leadership Model

InnovativeFeeling comfortable in fast-changing environments; being willing to take risks and to consider new and untested approaches.

TechnicalAcquiring and maintaining in-depth knowledge in your field or area of focus; using your expertise and specialized knowledge to study issues in depth and draw conclusions.

StrategicTaking a long-range, broad approach to problem solving and decision making through objective analysis, thinking ahead and planning.

ExcitementOperating with a good deal of energy, intensity and emotional expression; having a capacity for keeping others enthusiastic and involved.

ProductionAdopting a strong orientation toward achievement; holding high expectations for yourself and others; pushing yourself and others to achieve at high levels.

CommunicationStating clearly what you want and expect from others; clearly expressing your thoughts and ideas; maintaining a precise and constant flow of information.

DelegationEnlisting the talents of others to help meet objectives by giving them important activities and sufficient autonomy to exercise their own judgment.

Management FocusSeeking to exert influence by being in positions of authority, taking charge, and leading and directing the efforts of others.

Empathy Demonstrating an active concern for people and their needs by forming close and supportive relationships with others.

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