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White Paper Life Cycle Product Development and the Decision Gate Process PDF 01/17/13 ClinicalRM
USAMRMC has implemented a process called Decision Gate in order to effectively meet both DoD-specific and FDA requirements medical product development. During the Decision Gate Process the product’s readiness/ feasibility is evaluated before advancement to the successive developmental stage. What follows is a brief summary of this very complex medical acquisition process.

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White Paper What Qualities Make a Great Leader? PDF 12/14/12 ClinicalRM
Think of the best leader that you have ever known. It may be your current supervisor, someone that leads a local organization, or a co-worker. What is it about this person that made them such a great leader?

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White Paper Understanding Section 508 Compliance PDF 11/29/12 ClinicalRM
An overview of what you need to know about section 508 compliance and how to get started.

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White Paper Bdellovibrio bacteriovorus: A Novel Source for Antimicrobials PDF 11/28/12 ClinicalRM
The alarming rate in which bacterial human pathogens become resistant to most, if not all, antimicrobials that are currently at our disposal is of great concern (Davis and Davis, 2010, anon 2012).

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White Paper Wound Infections: The Microbial War Is Raging PDF 11/2/12 ClinicalRM
Since 2003, there has been a healthy debate over the role the United States has chosen to play in the Middle East, specifically, over the choice to engage in two wars with somewhat nebulous goals. Nine years later, we still have soldiers deploying and are now saddled with the escalating cost of precious lives, wounded, and resources; yet, it remains precarious to withdraw too early jeopardizing the missions. However, regardless of military and long-term strategic outcomes associated with the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan, another war has been raging, behind the scenes and at a much smaller level: the microbial one, and here, there is no debate. We need to engage to combat wound infections.

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White Paper Wound Infection: How Are We Solving the Problem? PDF 11/2/12 ClinicalRM
A great number of wounded warfighters survive their initial injuries because the personnel are protected with the latest body armor and personal protection. Similarly, outside the military arena, our ability to repair the human body has taken us to places we never imagined. What we are seeing in the stead of trauma recovery is a longer and more serious pattern of recovery with respect to wounds, and in particular wound infection.

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White Paper What Have We Learned in the Last 50 Years?
Public Health Service Syphilis Study
PDF 11/2/12 ClinicalRM
On July 25, 1972 an article ran on the front page of the Washington Evening Star newspaper titled: “Syphilis Patients Died Untreated.” The reporter, Jean Heller, began her article, “For 40 years, the U.S. Public Health Service has conducted a study in which human guinea pigs, not given proper treatment, have died of syphilis and its side effects.” Thus did one of the most notorious medical studies in American history become public! Often referred to, and incorrectly, as the “Tuskegee Syphilis Study”, in this article it will be referred to as the Public Health Service Syphilis Study or the PHS Study.

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White Paper Data Safety Monitoring Boards PDF 10/31/12 ClinicalRM
  This paper discussed in detail the history, evolution, duties and critical importance of Data Safety Monitoring Boards (DSMBs) across all functions of clinical studies and trials.

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White Paper A Recent History of Antibiotics - And Where We May Be Going PDF 10/11/12 ClinicalRM
  In this paper we will discuss the history of how antibiotics were developed, how we are losing ground to antibiotic resistant organisms, and strategies for developing new antibiotics.

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White Paper Antimicrobial Resistance - Why Antibiotics Are Not A Cure-All PDF 3/24/11 ClinicalRM
  Antibiotics, members of a drug family known as antimicrobial agents, have been used to treat patients with infectious diseases for over 70 years. In this paper we will discuss how antibiotics should work and some of the most common mechanisms whereby antibiotic resistance occurs.

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