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Patient Recruiting

ClinicalRM provides patient qualification, recruiting and appointment scheduling to assure that patient enrollment can support trial parameters in a timely, quality fashion.  Our pre-screening processes are designed to facilitate qualification and find the best patient fit for each study while allowing your research coordinators to maximize their skills and time by allowing them to focus on their patients.

With ClinicalRM Patient Recruiting you can:

  • Increase scheduled appointments
  • Increase patients that achieve randomization
  • Increase your in house staff efficiencies
  • Increase patient interaction
  • Increase patient database
  • Decrease no show rates

Dedicated specialists support your organization’s recruitment need through a number of clinical trial management systems.  Patient Recruiting services include:

  • Input and update all new and existing patient records
  • Handling both inbound response and outbound calls
  • Thoroughly pre-screening candidates
  • Setting General Screen appointments for patients
  • Gather candidate information for future trials
  • Conduct reminder calls for pre-appointment instructions
  • Sending directions and prepare candidate for initial screen
  • Manage data filters for optimizing database searches in CTMS
  • Set up programs within CTMS to track marketing efforts

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