View the Presentation: Infectious Disease BioIntelligence/Biobank Symposium at ASTMH

View the Presentation: Infectious Disease BioIntelligence/Biobank Symposium at ASTMH

A special thank you to our colleagues for attending and engaging with us in Atlanta!  We look forward to seeing you at our second symposium, tentatively in early 2017, to continue discussion on this topic.  Please visit our website often for updates on this event or contact us directly at

Infectious Disease Biobanking: A Global Necessity to Accelerate Vaccine and Therapeutic Development Across the Equator

Evening Symposium Hosted by ClinicalRM at the ASTMH 65th Annual Meeting in Atlanta, November 15, 2016

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ClinicalRM experts and collaborators, including Deloitte Consulting, Duke University, and the Walter Reed/Kenya Medical Research Institute, discussed the crucial need for a central biobank in Africa, and similar regions along the equator, the logistical requirements necessary to bridge this global health gap, develop global bio-intelligence and data, and the logistical requirements that would enable the research community to:

• aid in the detection of emerging illnesses

• aid in the development of vaccines and therapies

• serve as a potential catalyst to prevention

• fill a vital need to collect information in remote hot-spots of human/animal infectious diseases


Moderator: Joseph Sgherza • President, ClinicalRM

Leslie Lobel, MD • Ben-Gurion University/ClinicalRM

Christopher Woods, MD • Duke University

Juergen Klenk, PhD & Tina Mendelson, MS, MA • Deloitte

David Hoover, MD • ClinicalRM

Bernhards Ogutu, MD, PhD • Kenya Medical Research Institute/ACE Research

John Waitumbi, PhD • Walter Reed/Kenya Medical Research Institute

Special Closing Remarks: Victoria Tifft • CEO, ClinicalRM


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